How To Change Yahoo Password, Recovery Email & Phone Number

How To Reset Forgotten Yahoo Mail Password With Phone Number Or Email Address

Change your Yahoo password or reset a forgotten password

Are you losing access to your Yahoo emails account? If yes then you don’t need to get worried at all as you can now get back your all important documents and photos in few simple steps. In addition to this if you have a recovery phone number or email address linked then your account password reset process is easier.

But if you don’t have one linked to your account it may create some point of difficulty. Along with this to ensure you can get back into your account quickly via using these password recovery options. Having one email address and makes it easier for you to regain access to your account if you want to reset the password for your account.

In case you have lost access to your account, then you can also try to regain access through account recovery form but using phone number or email address is quite easy process which saves your time.

Reset password with a number or email:

Add or change a recovery phone number

  • First of all you need to sign in to My Account page.
  • Then in the “Personal info and privacy” section, choose your personal information.
  • Select Phone.
  • After this you can add a recovery phone: Under “Recovery phone,” choose Add recovery phone.
  • In case you already have a phone number then you can also change your recovery phone or even you can also add multiple numbers to secure your login. Next to your phone number, choose on edit option to update the phone number.
  • Enter your latest phone number which you want to add and follow the onscreen instructions.
Yahoo Support Number +1-888-282-0666

Add or change a recovery Email

  • Simply go to My Account and sign in.
  • After this in the “Personal info & privacy” section, go for your personal information.
  • Select Email.
  • Now add a recovery email that you want to add in the “Recovery email,” via choosing Add recovery email option.
  • If you want to change your recovery email then tap on selects your email address.
  • Type your recovery email address.
  • Tap to Done.

These options however help you in getting a verification code so you can get into your account again if you forget your Yahoo account password. It is one safe way to secure the account as you will get a secret code on your mobile or email address to access your account. With the help of these steps you will resolve the issue hopefully but for any type of tech assistance you can dial at toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get solutions right away.


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  • have tried all day with contact number and no luck just people trying to sell me things i have in a area where no cell service could not remember password have been using questions have created Gmail debbysargent207[at]gmail help yahoo mail is debsz282002[at] home phone is 2077652058 let me know how to recover

  • Dear Gentlemen:

    I have acct for past 30 yrs., and please email me to email id is krishna_Vatti[at] or call me at 601-985-5309. When ever I go to your help site, you always send me account key. But, help site does not help how to use account key and change password. My acct. had been hacked few yrs. ago, when Yahoo accts. hacked few yrs. ago. Please email me or contact by phone or Hotmail acct.

    Thank you,

  • Please if I can get assistance in getting in my yahoo email. I got a new phone number and I don’t know the alternate email passwords.

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